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What is asylum?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Asylum

Typically, if someone is looking to immigrate to the United States, they would seek out one of several options to earn a visa. For example, they may receive a work visa or marry a U.S. citizen giving them the right to a visa. After an immigrant earns their visa, they may then get a green card and earn citizenship through the naturalization process.

Many immigrants enter the U.S. to start a family, earn an education or, simply, have a change of view. However, some people aren’t so lucky and are trying to flee to a safer country. If someone is suffering from persecution in their current country, then they may seek asylum in the U.S.

Asylum protects an individual and their family from harm and may give them a right to live in the U.S. While that explains what asylum is, it may leave you with more questions than you began with. Here’s what you should know:

Why would someone need to seek asylum?

Asylum seekers may feel unsafe and fear for their lives in the country they currently live in. This may be because of their race, gender, religious beliefs, political option or nationality. Factually speaking, the reason they feel they’re being persecuted is a key factor in establishing why an immigrant would be granted asylum.

Why would an immigrant seek asylum in the U.S.?

America is the land of opportunity and the land of the free. So it’s only obvious to many immigrants that the U.S. is a safe haven for people seeking to better their and their families’ \lives.

How long does the asylum process take?

First, an asylum seeker should file for an application within one year of coming into the U.S. Then, some asylum seekers have to wait a year before their application is processed.

Should you have legal help when seeking asylum?

Applying for asylum can be confusing and long. Many people seeking asylum don’t go for legal help and that can greatly impact their chances of earning protective status. It may be in your best interest to know your legal options when seeking asylum in the U.S.