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September 2018 Archives

Limits on judges' power to end deportation

An immigration court judge may be unable to stop deportation for some immigrants in Florida. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ruled that immigration judges do not have this power and that this can only happen if it is authorized by regulations or if the Department of Homeland Security has been unsuccessful in proving its deportation case.

New asylum interviews for parents of separated children

After the Trump administration's family separation policies at the southern border provoked widespread outrage in Florida and around the world, parents who were denied asylum could have a second chance to make their case. This arrangement comes as part of an agreement reached between the Department of Justice and attorneys representing the families subjected to the separation policy. According to the text of the settlement submitted to a federal court for approval, up to 1,000 families may have the opportunity for a new asylum hearing.

Reminders for interactions with immigration officers

For non-citizens living in Florida, the idea of interacting with immigration officers can elicit feelings of fear and dread. With the tumultuous state of immigration laws and policies in the United States, it’s not irrational to feel this way. Despite the challenging times, non-citizens living in the U.S. do still have rights when interacting with law enforcement officers.

Trump administration plans new family detention program

After people in Florida and across the country expressed outrage at the separation of immigrant children from their parents by the Trump administration, the government is now pursuing a policy change that would allow it to keep families detained for longer periods. The Trump administration's immigration policies and vocal rhetoric have concerned many people nationwide. Now, the Department of Homeland Security announced proposed rules that would end an agreement that has been in place since 1997.

Undocumented immigrant granted stay for son's disease

Many Floridians are likely aware of the government's current hardline stance toward undocumented immigrants. In some cases, however, undocumented immigrants may be granted stays on deportation proceedings. This recently happened in a case involving a man who is living in Connecticut.