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April 2019 Archives

Deportation reversed after media attention

Many people in Florida have raised concerns about deportations, especially with the escalated approach to immigration detention and deportation advocated by Trump administration officials. However, media attention may have played a role in reversing the deportation of the widower of a U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan. The 30-year-old man, who is the father of a 12-year-old American citizen, was deported on Apr. 8 after being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as he traveled to work. He was deported to Nogales, Mexico, on Apr. 11, according to his lawyer.

Trump administration continues attack on immigration

Florida residents who follow current events may be aware that several of President Trump's most controversial immigration policies have been challenged in the courts by advocacy organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and groups of immigrants from Central America who wish to petition for asylum in the United States. The White House has not fared well in these cases, and it suffered another setback on April 8 when a federal judge in California ruled that requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their cases were pending violated both federal law and the U.N. Convention on Refugees.

Pregnant women being detained more often

Over the past three years, more than 2,500 pregnant women have been taken into custody by ICE. This may leave those held in Florida and throughout the country at risk of developing health problems. Furthermore, a lack of treatment may also result in health problems for their babies as well. In some cases, women held in custody have miscarried. However, a spokeswoman for ICE says that the agency spends $250 million each year on medical care for those detained.