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Entertainment Visas

For Those With Unique Talents And Abilities

Entertainers, performers, athletes and other individuals of great renown must often travel the globe to remain at the top of their field. Visiting the United States for work-related purposes requires obtaining the proper visa in advance. Given the complexity of U.S. immigration law, professional guidance is essential for success.

At the Law Offices of George Giosmas, we represent entertainers, performers and other talented individuals and groups seeking entrance to the United States. Our immigration attorney has more than 30 years of experience navigating the intricacies of immigration law — including entertainment-related visas.

P-1 Visas

This type of visa is available for internationally recognized:

  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Entertainers
  • Their essential support personnel

Individuals or groups can apply.

O-1 Visas

O visas are available for individuals with extraordinary ability in the following fields:

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Education
  • Athletics
  • Business

Applicants must demonstrate international (or, in some cases, national) acclaim. They must be leaders in their field.

O Or P Visa: Which Is Right For Me?

O and P visas have many similarities. Both are available to only a small percentage of people who rise to the top of their profession. Both require thorough documentation and compelling evidence to show that you meet this requirement.

However, they do have key differences. P-1 visas are limited to only a handful of fields. Their duration is limited to the amount of time necessary to complete a discrete event, itinerary or season — up to one year initially, with the possibility of extension. O-1 visas include broader fields and generally have a longer duration than P visas. Initially, they can last up to three years, and unlimited extensions are possible.

Strategic Guidance

Successfully pursuing an O or P visa requires strategic preparation well in advance. Our firm can assist you in determining the right type of entertainment-related visa for your situation. We handle initial visa applications as well as extensions and change of status.

Based in South Florida, our immigration lawyer serves clients around the globe. Call our office at 954-416-2926 or 877-864-5417 for a telephone consultation. You can also send us an email.

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