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August 2018 Archives

Separated children could be more likely to win asylum

Florida immigrants who face persecution or severe threats if sent back to their countries of origin may seek to pursue political asylum claims when challenging deportation. The policy of separating immigrant parents from their children in detention has unleashed a firestorm of criticism across the country. While no parents want to be separated from their kids, some parents are refusing to sign deportation orders for their children in order to give them a better chance, even when they are denied that opportunity themselves.

Judge asks feds, ACLU to create asylum plan for migrant families

Florida readers may be interested to learn that a U.S. district judge has asked the U.S. government to team with the American Civil Liberties Union to develop an asylum solution for migrant families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. The request was made on Aug. 17, the day after the same judge extended a deportation freeze on families who had been recently reunited.

Judge orders immigrants returned to United States

Those who seek asylum in the United States may have the right to remain in Florida or other states while their cases are pending. On Aug. 9, a judge ordered the Trump administration to halt the deportation of a mother and child who were battling to stay in the country. The two were returned from El Salvador to the United States so that the federal government could comply with the order.

ACLU files lawsuit against government on asylum issues

Florida immigration advocates may have heard that, on Aug. 7, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the government for not offering asylum to 12 parents and children. The lawsuit argues that the decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to refuse asylum to victims of domestic or gang violence should be invalidated.

Abuse and sedation reported at child detention centers

Immigration detention practices in Florida and across the United States continue to make controversial headlines in 2018. In late July, a federal district judge ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to release all minors detained at a center in Texas after harrowing reports of child abuse were leaked to news media outlets.