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Why TN Work Visas Are Advantageous for Workers and Companies

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Immigration Process

Many Florida business owners struggle to find the right talent. Sometimes, this situation happens due to there being no workers available locally. Fortunately, one potential solution to this problem could be the TN work visa.

What’s a TN work visa?

Available only to citizens of Canada and Mexico, the TN work visa is one of many types of temporary work visas available for immigration purposes. What makes this visa stand out among others is how attractive its terms are for both citizens and companies.

Advantages and drawbacks of TN work visas

One advantage of the TN work visa is how many occupations it covers. Any workers in Canada and Mexico deemed as professionals can apply for and receive this type of work visa.

The TN work visa also has a faster than normal approval process. Short approval times are great for workers ready to start earning money and employers ready to hire these individuals.

The third advantage of a TN visa is the three-year stay it provides for eligible workers. As long as a worker registers to extend their stays, TN workers can continue this way of working for upwards of 10 years.

With that said, this visa does have one major disadvantage. The main drawback of a TN work visa has less to do with workers and more to do with their spouses. If one adult in a marriage has a TN visa, their dependent spouses aren’t allowed to work in the United States. Therefore, this visa wouldn’t be the best option for foreign couples who both want to work in America.

In conclusion, TN work visas can be great for workers living in Mexico and Canada. This type of work situation allows someone to work in the United States while living in either Mexico or Canada if they live close enough to the border.