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Haitians In South Florida Face Deportation In 2019

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Blog

When temporary protection status (TPS) runs out in 2019, approximately 24,000 Haitians that live in southern Florida face deportation. The Trump administration decided in November of 2017 that Haitians residing in the United States under TPS will have to leave in July 2019 to return to a country still reeling from disasters, political corruption, and disease.

Chaos In Haiti

Recent years have seen an earthquake, cholera outbreak and hurricane terrorize the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The political climate is still full of corruption and prone to violence. Chaos is still the order of the day in this beleaguered country

Longtime Residents In The Community

Most Haitians are long-time residents of the South Florida community, most living here anywhere from several years to decades. They’ve had children here that are United States citizens. Those children will need to be left behind if their parents are forced to leave the country.

Part Of An Overall Strategy

The deportation of Haitians is just part of Trump’s overall strategy to vastly reduce the TPS program. Recently, his administration announced that approximately 260,000 Salvadorans, many here since the 1990’s, also face deportation.

Need For Deportation Defense

With approximately 60,000 Haitians under TPS protection in the United States, over half live in the Miami area. Without deportation defense, this deportation movement will be of epic proportions, and the local Haitian population will be decimated. There’s a chance that Trump’s war against humanitarian immigration will be halted, but that chance, unfortunately, is very slim.