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Florida cities amongst the best in the US for asylum seekers

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Asylum

A study by the American Public Media Research organization has ranked the top 100 US cities for refugee resettlement. The review uses data based on the density numbers of immigrants compared to the number of residents. Five Florida cities made the list:

  • Clearwater, which was #47 on the list.
  • Tampa, #75
  • Orlando, #89
  • Jacksonville, #91
  • Miami, #97

Understanding the numbers

Though resettled asylum seekers don’t typically get a choice in their placement city, placing them in areas with diverse immigrant communities helps to improve their transition. In the past five years, relief organizations have resettled 17,000 people across the Tampa Bay area – a decision that is typically based on the capacity of the city.

How to seek political asylum

The criteria for receiving a green card (or citizenship if eligible) through an asylum procedure usually requires documentation to support claims made during the case. The two recognized means of seeking political asylum are:

  1. A direct application with the US Asylum Office
  2. An asylum defense during a deportation proceeding  

Pursuing a new life

US Immigration Law, as it relates to political asylum, is a very complex set of laws and regulations. This procedure is too important to attempt on your own. If you or a loved is requesting asylum, find a lawyer who has experience in immigration law for asylum seekers.