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Reunified families allowed to remain in the United States

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Deportation Defense

Florida residents may be aware of the controversy surrounding recent immigration policy. While the Trump administration wanted to separate parents and children upon entering the country, a judge ordered them to be reunited. On July 16, another judge ordered that those who have been reunified and are seeking asylum be granted a week to pursue their asylum requests. A stay was granted after the ACLU filed a motion arguing that individuals were legally entitled to ask for it.

The government is also being required to work with ACLU lawyers to ensure that reunification can happen in a timely manner. In some cases, parents have been forbidden from seeing their children because of computer problems. In his ruling, the judge said that he would make a final decision after hearing a response from the government. The response is due in the next week.

Generally speaking, an individual does have the right to ask for asylum in the United States. If it is granted, that person will have legal status within the country. Typically, asylum is reserved for those who fear that they will be persecuted or otherwise harmed because of their gender, religion or some other attribute. While an asylum case is being processed, a person is generally allowed to remain in the United States.

An attorney may be able to help a person obtain legal status and avoid being deported back to his or her country of origin. This may be done by showing scars or other physical wounds that were the result of torture. Direct testimony from the immigrant may also result in obtaining asylum.