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Deportation defense for detained immigrants

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Deportation Defense

If you’re a Florida resident facing potential deportation from the United States, selecting an immigration law attorney can play a major role in bolstering your chances of staying in the country. With significant publicity and attention being dedicated to deportation efforts at the federal level, an immigration lawyer can be critical in helping protect your ability to stay in the country.

People who have been detained in the Krome Detention Center, Broward Transitional Center or Glades County Detention Center can connect with an immigration attorney in order to present a deportation defense before an immigration judge. Whether you have been previously convicted of a crime, are undocumented or are dealing with other immigration issues, legal counsel can help. The Law Offices of George Giosmas is highly familiar with the expectations in an immigration courtroom as well as the particular legal perspective of different immigration judges.

In addition, the firm has represented clients outside Florida, including those in New York, California, Georgia and Texas. As immigration law is a federal matter with a national policy focus, representation throughout the country can be particularly important. There are over 300 detention centers across the United States where immigrants are detained and jailed. Once a person is placed in one of these centers, deportation defense representation is particularly important. Immigrants in detention are at a particularly high risk of deportation, so having an immigration lawyer on record could be one of the most important ways to ensure fair representation.

The immigration system is not designed to help you remain in the United States; this is why an immigration attorney who is familiar with the complexities of the law is important to have on your side. You can learn more about how to bolster your chances in deportation proceedings at our page on immigration defense.