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Man arrested during USCIS asylum interview

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Florida arrested a Venezuelan man during an asylum hearing in April 2017, Sen. Marco Rubio intervened to secure his release. The case drew widespread media attention because individuals being taken into custody at courthouses and immigration was rare, but this kind of arrest has now become worryingly common according to immigrant advocacy groups.

Human rights group claims that asylum rules are being ignored

Florida residents are likely aware that individuals who enter the United States illegally face criminal prosecution, imprisonment and deportation, but they may not know that different rules apply when immigrants fear returning to their home countries. In these situations, immigrants are supposed to be referred to an asylum offer to determine whether their fears are legitimate, but a nonprofit human rights organization claims that this rule has been routinely flouted under the Donald Trump administration.

Refugee figures fall sharply in 2017

Florida residents may not be surprised to learn that the number of refugees admitted to the United States plummeted during the first year of President Trump's administration. Trump vowed to tighten border controls and closely scrutinize those seeking entry into the country during a contentious election campaign, and figures from the Department of State indicate that the policies he put into place led to fewer refugees being admitted in 2017 than in any year since this data was first made available in 2002.

Plan to separate asylum-seeking families returns

Some people in Florida may have heard of a policy proposed in March by then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to separate families at the border who were applying for asylum. This was viewed as a way to reduce immigration. However, there was a public outcry against the idea, and immigration numbers were also relatively low at the time.

How new policy changes could create challenges for asylum seekers

There have been a lot of changes coming from the White House in the past year. We’ve heard about plans to build a wall and bans on immigrants with a certain nationality or religion. There have been a lot of efforts to tighten border security and reduce immigration. One policy change that hasn’t made many headlines, though, is a change that impacts the treatment of asylum seekers in the United States.