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Key facts about asylum for children

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Asylum

Seeking asylum is the process of asking to be allowed to stay in the United States for the sake of safety. Those who are seeking asylum typically are facing some type of persecution back at home. This could be due to their race, their ethnic group, their religion or even being part of a political or social group.

Asylum seeking can be done by both adults and children. But there are some important things to know about how the process may differ for children and how they can get the most out of it.

Unaccompanied minors

First of all, children do not have to be with their parents to apply for asylum. They can do this as unaccompanied minors, if they’ve already been separated from the rest of their family. There are also cases where a parent or family member may bring them into the United States and then leave, entrusting them to someone else’s care. They can still seek asylum at this point.

Children can have their own case

Children are allowed to apply for asylum with their parents, but it’s also possible for them to have their own case if they would like. Those who are under 18 still have the option to apply separately. This doesn’t mean that it is always the best choice, and everyone has to consider the specifics of their own situation, but it is certainly possible if there are benefits to doing so.

There will be interviews

One thing that parents should know is that children can be interviewed during the asylum process. The interviewing officer is supposed to consider things like the child’s language development, their age, their education level and their general sophistication and ability to work through these interviews. But the interviews do have to happen and issues during them can delay the case.

Exploring your options

If you are seeking asylum with your family or if you have children who are going to be doing so, you can see how important it is to know exactly what legal steps to take. Your future hangs in the balance, so make sure you consider all of your options.