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The days before and after deportation: What to expect

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Deportation Defense

If someone is going to be deported from the United States, there is a process that is followed. First, a judge issues a removal order. Then, they will receive the “Bag and Baggage” letter, which tells you where to go (and when) to leave the country.

Prior to deportation, you may or may not be held. It depends if you were on bail or not. If you were on bail, you won’t have to go back to the detention center. Instead, you can choose to leave on your own, which is called a voluntary departure.

If you were not out on bail, you will return to the detention center to await deportation transportation.

Who pays for deportation?

The U.S. government covers the costs associated with deportation.

Where do you go after you’re deported?

After deportation, you will generally return to your home country. You may not have a job to go to, and you may not have a home. Some people who have been deported experience violence, and others find it hard to reintegrate with a country they may not have been in for many years (if ever).

Will you be homeless after deportation?

It is possible that you could have nowhere to go when you return to your home country. If you have family, you may want to reach out to them prior to your arrival.

What happens to family left in the USA?

Any family members who are in the country legally are allowed to stay. For example, if you are deported but your spouse and children remain, your spouse will automatically get custody of your children. If both parents are deported, there is a risk that your children could be put into foster care. There are steps you can take in advance to assign a guardian, such as a friend or other family member, to help avoid that situation.

You have a right to defend yourself against deportation. With the right help, you may be able to negotiate the right to stay in the United States, so you may remain with your family in a safe place you’ve come to call home.